Tree Removal

Our landscape trees need care like they are part of the family. They need proper maintenance so they can continue to thrive and look their best. Rutherford Tree Service Murfreesboro offers tree trimming and pruning services to ensure the health and safety of your landscape trees. We will make sure that your trees are growing in the best way and not cause any trouble for you. Our team will make sure that your trees look the best way they can, and they do not pose a threat of any kind to you and your property. 

If you want your trees to look great throughout the year, pruning and trimming are crucial. Some homeowners choose to handle their own trimming project but keep in mind that nothing beats a professionally- done trimming service. Once we are done, your trees will have an improved look and restored health. Beautiful trees will enhance the look of your yard and even up the value of your property.

Rutherford Tree Service

We are a proud member of the local community, performing a wide extent of tree service. We are locally-owned and operated a company that has been in the tree industry for more than a decade now. Our service extends from simple tree trimming to the more complicated tasks of stump grinding and emergency tree removal. We can provide every service your tree needs to thrive for the years to come. 

Your safety is our ultimate concern. For this reason, we secure ourselves with the necessary license and proper insurance to keep you from any unnecessary liabilities in case of an unprecedented happening in your property. We want to give you the peace of mind that your trees, as well as your property, are in good hands. We will be more than happy to offer our proof of license and insurance as part of our honesty and conscientiousness in the job. We can address all your tree needs while giving you an assurance that you are fully covered in case the unimaginable happens. 

You can rely on us to deliver the finest tree service in the town. When other companies say no to a job, you can count on us to take on the task. We don’t refuse any responsibility because we believe that every tree is vital to the environment, which is why we do our very best to cater to all your needs. There is no small or big task for us because we treat every project with the same professionalism and expertise. You can depend on us to care for your trees as if they are our own. 

To add, our employees are all screened, and background checked to ensure that we work with people who are credible and competent. We make an effort to undergo a series of training so we can improve our skills even more and add to our knowledge. Our highly-skilled climbers can reach branches even of they’re located in isolated areas. Aside from that, we have the right attitude to keep us going even in the most difficult tasks.  

We invest in the best equipment available in the industry to ensure the highest quality of tree care. You can see it with our bucket trucks, power chainsaws, and chippers that we make time and effort to keep them in top condition. We maintain them well because we believe that our equipment is a reflection of our professionalism. 

Finally, we are known for our superb customer service. We don’t only care about the health of your tree, but also your satisfaction and happiness. As the leading tree company in town, our goal is to provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. No matter how small or big the job you asked from us, you can have the assurance that you will be treated with the utmost respect and kindness. You are our reason for going beyond the limits. We want to make you smile after seeing what we’ve done to your trees. Give us a call now and learn about our services.

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