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Tree Service in Murfreesboro, TN

Ruthrford Tree Service Murfreesboro LogoDelivering high-quality and professional tree service in Murfreesboro, Rutherford Tree Service provides a wide selection of tree care to address all your tree needs. Our extensive tree care offerings are drafted to ensure the overall welfare of your tree from its health to its appearance. For more than a decade, we have given excellent service throughout the city, and we intend to go on for as long as there is a tree needing our care. 

If you need expert tree service for a price you can afford, call only Rutherford Tree Service. We offer exceptional care for your residential and commercial trees. Our hardworking and dedicated tree technicians are always ready to offer their 100% in everything they do. We also take your safety seriously. We are fully insured, licensed, and bonded to alleviate you of any liability, in case some accidents happen while we work in your property. We are excited to provide you with our high-quality tree care for an affordable price. Call the premier Murfreesboro tree service now. 

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Your Hometown Murfreesboro Tree Service

We are your reliable local tree company that has been providing excellent tree service throughout the city for many years now. For over a decade we have seen all types of trees in town, and we can confidently say that we can take care of any tree species, no matter the size and age. You can depend on us regardless of your tree concern. We will make sure that we will take care of you and your trees from the beginning until the end of our service. 

Our certified arborists spent years learning everything about tree care and the practical application of their knowledge. We take pride in our ability to diagnose the current condition of your tree as the beginning of our excellent treatment. If you have a diseased tree, we don’t have to always resort to tree removal. Our expert team can provide the necessary treatment to help your tree recover. If we see the need to remove the tree, we will perform it using our best practices approved by organizations in tree care. Rest assured that we will do everything in our ability to restore the health of your tree. 

We never begin a service without carefully inspecting the tree, including the surrounding area. This is part of our excellent service to ensure your satisfaction. We have all the necessary equipment from the most basic handheld tools down to the heavy equipment. We keep them in top condition to assure that they will perform to their highest potential every time. We are licensed, insured, and bonded for your protection. We offer you the best tree care without breaking the bank. If you have decaying trees in your yard that pose a threat to your safety, we are ready to remove the hazardous tree in a fraction of time. We are passionate about tree care, and we will make sure that they get the best care they deserve. 

More than our top-rated tree services, we are popular for our exceptional customer service that is sure to impress you. We never settle for anything less than the best. Your happiness is always our ultimate goal, and it is what drives us to improve our service. If you want your landscape to go back to its former beauty, we can help you make it happen. We will care for every individual tree in your yard because we know that each tree affects the look of your entire property. No matter the health condition of your tree, we can provide the right care.

Our professional tree service can take care of every tree concern you have. We offer our excellent tree care at a reasonable price. We have the equipment, the skills, and the credentials to complete all tree services you demand. Call us, and we will be happy and willing to discuss our services. We will also offer our free and honest quote for the service you wish to hire.  Call the tree service Murfreesboro TN property owners trust.

The Murfreesboro Tree Service

The possibilities are endless with Rutherford Tree Service. We’ve removed trees blocking driveways and removed stumps in a backyard. No job is too large or too small for our tree professionals. 

Tree Removal

At Rutherford Tree Service, we know that you want to get things done fast. We value your time, and we will do our best not to waste any of it. This is why, when you need fast and reliable service for your tree removal needs, we will be there to offer precisely what you require. If your yard has been crowded with bushes and trees, there is only one number to call. We will be more than ready and willing to eliminate all of your dead or unwanted trees. We will remove every tree and debris for a reasonable price. The good news is, Rutherford Tree Service has these ability to handle all of your tree removals and more! We take pride in our ability to perform fast and effective tree removals service that guarantees your satisfaction.

Tree Trimming

Landscape trees are not like forest trees in many ways. For once, they don't need to compete with many trees for sunlight and nutrients, which means they can grow as tall as space allows them. This is the reason why tree care is essential for landscape trees to keep them from becoming out of control. Trees that are too tall can entangle power lines or have roots that invade your foundation or water lines. Homeowners eliminate trees for safety reasons while others for aesthetic purposes. No matter your goal is, we can help you make it happen. Allow us to get rid of the hazardous tree in your yard so you can maximize the space in your backyard and have the peace of mind that you are safe from falling branches and uprooted trees

Emergency Tree Removal

We have seen many trees that have fallen victim to intense storms and high winds. Even the strongest tree can be affected by a natural occurrence. When this happens, let Rutherford Tree Service remove the tree in question to bring back the safety and order in your property. We understand that you don't want to spend too much on this service, that is why we offer our emergency tree removal for a cost-effective price. Call us today for your tree emergencies. We have seen many trees that have fallen victim to intense storms and high winds. Even the strongest tree can be affected by a natural occurrence. When this happens, let Rutherford Tree Service remove the tree in question to bring back the safety and order in your property. We understand that you don't want to spend much on this service, that is why we offer a cost-effective price.

Stump Grinding & Removal

After tree removal, the next thing you have to deal with is the remaining stump. We know some homeowners attempt to handle stump removal on their own. This often leads to failed removal because they don't have the right skills to get the job done. While you can rent a stump grinder, operating it correctly can be a difficult task altogether. We remove stumps in two different ways. We can use our top-of-the-line grinders or we can dig the stump out of the ground along with the root system. Stump grinding is the usual go-to service of our customers when they want to get rid of stumps because it is the more economical choice, and it causes little to no damage to the surrounding area. We will grind the stump down to the ground until it's no longer visible to the eye. We will cover the hole with dirt so it could go back to its original appearance.

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What Our Customers Say

Read our client’s reviews. Our customers are what makes us strive the be the very best Tree Service Experts in Murfreesboro and the surrounding areas.

Linda G

Tree Trimming
We hired Rutherford Tree Service managing our tree trimming for the last 3 years. We have never been disappointed, and have always kept them healthy and looking good.

Paul S.

Emergency Tree Removal
After a major ice storm, we called the crew at Rutherford Tree Service to come out on an urgent call. They were able to remove dangerous branches by our power lines.

Alex H.

Tree Removal
Rutherford Tree Service removed a dead tree from our front yard and they did a excellent job. They were professional and cleaned up all of the debris in the left from the tree!

Tree Service Murfreesboro TN Property Owners Trust

As part of the local community, we want to provide every property owner the chance to care for their trees without having to spend much. If you give us a call now, we can offer you a free, no-obligation, and detailed estimate of whatever service you wish to use. Whether it’s tree trimming, tree removal, or stump grinding, we can guarantee to use the same level of expertise to get the same level of result. Call us now, and we will show you what expert tree service is all about.   Call the best Murfreesboro tree service today!

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If you want to keep your trees in good shape and health, proper maintenance is crucial. We recommend getting in touch with a certified arborist to give you expert recommendations on whether to save or remove your tree.  We are the tree service Murfreesboro property owners have called since 2019. 

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    Got a stump to grind? 

    Allow us to help you get rid of that ugly stump in your yard. We have all the necessary state-of-the-art equipment to finish all stump grinding projects you have for us. Whether you want to grind the stump or unearth it together with the root system, we can handle both tasks for you. Stumps can be dangerous as well as unsightly that is why it is best to remove them before they cause you trouble in the future. We have the skills and equipment to efficiently and safely remove the stump in your backyard. 

    Rutherford Tree Service is your reliable tree service like no other! 

    Rutherford Tree Service ensures only excellent tree care for all tree species in the city. We are not your typical tree service which only does what you asked for. We go beyond your expectations and perform the highest quality of tree care every time. Your satisfaction is our driving force to exert every effort needed for a successful tree service. We guarantee happiness and satisfaction to every customer we encounter. You are our best marketing with the positive feedback you leave on our website as well as the kind words you say to us. We take pride in the list of our satisfied customers who vouch for our professionalism. We will be more than willing to offer reference people you can contact to find out more about the kind of service we provide. 

    We have more than a decade of experience in a wide range of tree services. Our certified arborists can take on any job you have for us. Whether it’s a simple tree trimming or a more complex emergency tree service, you can count on our team to help you with it. Tree removal may appear simple to some, but it has its risks and dangers. If you are inexperienced and you try to perform tree removal on your own, you may put yourself and property at risk.

    For this reason, we urge our loyal customers to call for professional tree service when they need help removing their trees. We carefully plan our course of action before starting on anything. Because of our skills and excellent customer service, we have become Murfreesboro’s go-to tree service for many years now. Aside from our standard tree care service, we also provide quick and efficient emergency tree service for your urgent needs. We understand how stressful and overwhelming it is to deal with emergencies which is why we will be there to assist you when the unplanned happens. Rest assured that our service will not cost you your arm and leg. Call us now, and we will take care of your tree service needs!

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    Below is a summary of the professional tree services we offer: 

    Chipper service:  You don’t have to look for a different company to handle the cleanup effort when you removed a tree. Rutherford Tree Service will take care of the chips and other tree debris with our wood chippers. Call us and learn about our wood chipping services made available for your needs. 

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